I Love Meat and Cheese Boards and Here’s Why You Should Too

You may have seen the term “charcuterie” on a menu here or there. Perhaps “meat Board,” “cheese board,” or any combination thereof. Regardless, it is a rule in our household that if we go to a new place and they have charcuterie, or a meat/cheese board, we have to try it.

In general, a meat and/or cheese board is just a platter of various cooked and cured meats and fancy cheeses. If you’re in a foreign country, or a restaurant that serves a particular kind of food, the meats and cheese are most often native to the specified region. For example, in a french restaurant, expect a bleu, roquefort cheese or a nice brie to make an appearance. On an Italian meat board, there will absolutely be prosciutto.

Most commonly, meat and/or cheese boards are served with dried fruits, nuts, and jams. They will also have crackers or bread to use, and pickled vegetables of some variety.

Cheese boards are fun to make at home as well. You can hit up your local deli and get small portions of any cheese you can imagine (dependent, of course, on availability and price.) When we make cheese boards at home, we always have a proscuitto and salami available.

Most recently, we discovered a sweet, nutty cheese called “brunost” which is a Scandanavian cheese, see it pictured below.

Brunost is the brown cheese in the upper left hand corner.

Our cheese board wasn’t the most conventional, but it’s a great little snack to treat yourself to at home.

Below are some photos of other cheese boards, both from online, and cheese boards we have made or tried ourselves.

If you’re a cheese board fan, comment below with your favorite kind!

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