Mixed Berry Protein SmoothieBy BryanThis loaded protein smoothie is one of my go-to meal replacements when I'm crunched for time. Its a quick simple smoothie that provides a good amount of protein and healthy carbs without having to sacrifice flavor.
4 Kinds of Infused WaterBy KaylaInfused waters are super trending right now. I get it. Drinking enough water is difficult. You have to drink so much of it in a day, and sometimes caffeine is really just hollering your name. Infused waters are an enjoyable way to get enough water intake, and valuable vitamins and nutrients from whatever you put in them. Not to mention - they're beautiful! Today, I will give you infused waters 4 ways. For this recipe we will be making lemon mint water, blackberry sage water, orange pineapple ginger water, and strawberry basil water.