Caramel Sea Salt Cookie CupsBy BryanAlthough these were a little difficult to make they turned out to be one of our favorite cookie creations, they truly taste amazing!
Turtle Cheesecake Brownie TrifleBy KaylaThis turtle cheesecake brownie trifle is so ridiculously good, I'm thinking about branding it. I kid. But anyone who knows me knows my two favorite desserts are Turtle Cheesecake, and brownies. With this recipe, you don't have to choose! Now guys, I have a problem. My problem is dairy. I just... I love it so much. But I'm lactose intolerant. This dessert is so rich and filled with dairy, so make sure you take it easy. It looks delicious enough to eat a lot of, and you could, but if you're like me with your rebellious lactose intolerance, just don't. The pictured arrangement was plenty for two people. There are some substitutes and alternatives to this recipe, but as long as the flavors are there, and you have the right texture, this should be easy peasy!
Chocolate Orange MuffinsBy BryanI thought these up one night when I was craving chocolate covered orange slices. Since I did end up going so heavy handed with the chocolate I labeled these muffins as more of a dessert but no matter when you decide to eat them, they will taste pretty great!
Apple Peanut Butter CookiesBy BryanThis is just a random recipe I thought up the other night when I wanted something sweet for a midnight snack and it honestly turned out to be pretty good. Let me know in the comments below if you're into it!