Shrimp Sushi BowlBy KaylaSushi bowls are what happens when your local grocery store does not have nori. You can call this a poke bowl if you want, it's all the same to me! For this one, I used my favorites - shrimp and avocado, but it is INCREDIBLY customizable.
Basic Chicken and Veggie SoupBy KaylaSoups are one of my favorite things to make. Not only do I love eating it, but you can really use anything you have in the kitchen and make a soup. Chicken and veggies are a common item in our kitchen, so I love throwing some dry chicken or frozen chicken breast into my stockpot with whatever leftover veggies I have laying around. The options are truly endless. Even if you only have some chicken and some cream - you can make a soup! And then you can use the soup as a base for something more specific, or eat it as is. Add fresh herbs, some rice or pasta, or even leftover sauces! You can also make your own broth if you don't have any at home or don't like using store-bought chicken broth. We won't get into that with this recipe, but read on to find out how to make this simple Chicken and Veggie Soup!
Keto Chicken Caesar SaladBy KaylaThis Keto Chicken Caesar Salad is very filling, and perfect for those Caesar Salad cravings when you're trying to succeed on a Keto diet. Really, the only part of a Caesar salad that makes it unfriendly for keto is those darn croutons, which are basically the best part. Instead of having to order your salad without croutons (which is punishable by perpetual shame), you can enjoy the same taste as croutons without the guilt! Really, the only hack we are doing here is replacing the crunchy, garlicky croutons with crunchy, garlicky cheese. Note that the amount of parmesan cheese is for six days worth of salads but all other ingredients are for a single salad.