Easy Lemon Tahini SauceBy KaylaTahini, tahini, tahini. This is a fabulous ingredient that I, admittedly, never paid much attention to until I tried it for the first time. I tasted it in the dressing that was served with the Hearty Veggie and Brown Rice Bowl at Starbucks, which, at some point, was discontinued. I don't know why or when, but I do know that the dressing in that salad was fantastic and I needed to know immediately what that flavor note was that I was tasting. I did some research and soon came to the realization (after many trials and errors) that the deliciously fragrant, perfectly nutty, and slightly umami note I was tasting was tahini. Now for those who don't know what tahini is or have never heard of it before, it is essentially sesame paste. You've probably heard of sesame oil, and most certainly you've heard of sesame seeds. Same family, but tahini is like the really cool and popular cousin that the rest of the family sort of admires, but is very private so no one really knows them that well. It's amazing. I keep it around and experiment often.