Lemon Asparagus RisottoBy KaylaRisotto is so delicious and creamy, but so full of cholesterol and unhealthy elements. Usually there's a cream or milk, and some kind of cheese. In this recipe, I will show you how to make a skinny friendly and plant based lemon asparagus risotto. You'll still get the same creamy consistency and flavor, but much less of the calories and animal products. I used chicken stock for this recipe, but to make it vegan, replace the chicken stock with veggie stock, or even water, if you'd prefer. What makes this risotto so creamy without using any milk, cream, or cheese is the constant stirring agitates the starch. When the starch is agitated it acts as a thickening agent. Short grain rice holds more starch than long grain rice. You'll notice a long cooking time for this particular recipe, and I apologize - I am unfortunately not aware of a faster way to do this correctly. I promise you it is worth the effort!
Tomato and Basil BruschettaBy KaylaBruschetta is traditionally an antipasti in Italian cuisine, which is a starter. So basically, this will start your meal. It's grilled bread topped with what can be a variety of toppings. For this recipe, we are doing a tomato and basil bruschetta. This is a bit of a copycat for the bruschetta at Streets of New York, which is a chain restaurant we have here. It's likely not traditional, but it sure is tasty! Read on to make some of your own at home.
Super Easy Spanish RiceBy KaylaSpanish rice is a classic dish, that is surprisingly easy to make. Spanish rice is essentially just tomato sauce, rice, and some onion. Continue reading to learn the ins and outs of making Spanish rice that will impress your guests! I have to give a shoutout to my friend Natalie, who helped me overcome my weird sort of confused anxiety about cooking the rice in the oil. I never knew what really I was supposed to look for or how to cook it in oil, so I just sort of never tried, but she explained what she does and it turns out it worked! So thanks, Natalie. This one is for you. As you may have also noticed, my rice is a little pale in comparison to most spanish rice. This also has an explanation. At the store when I was getting ingredients for this rice, I grabbed diced tomatoes instead of crushed! The flavor is still the same, it just looks less authentic and for that, you have my apologies. Keep reading if you're looking for a really easy way to make Spanish rice!
Roasted Red Bell PeppersBy KaylaI love roasted red bell peppers. I really do. They have a zestiness that you can't really replicate with anything else. They're actually very easy to make, and are healthier for you than buying them. They will have less sodium and other preservatives in them.
Simple Charred BroccoliBy KaylaOne of my favorite ways to eat broccoli is charred up in the oven. I suppose it could be referred to as roasted broccoli, but charred sounds fancy, and we like fancy in this household. It’s very easy to make and makes a great addition to any meal.
Crockpot Refried BeansBy KaylaAnyone who has ever made refried beans can tell you - this is a process. You rinse the beans, and then you soak the beans, and then you cook the beans - the process continues on. Granted, this is of course, the authentic way to make them, and I absolutely recommend following the authentic recipe and process if you find yourself having the time. Since I do not have the time, I had to find a way to accomplish the same basic flavor, without having to follow the same technique. Thus crockpot refried beans was a perfect alternative to the traditional process.