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Turtle Cheesecake Brownie Trifle

Yields1 ServingPrep Time15 minsCook Time40 minsTotal Time55 mins

This turtle cheesecake brownie trifle is so ridiculously good, I'm thinking about branding it. I kid. But anyone who knows me knows my two favorite desserts are Turtle Cheesecake, and brownies. With this recipe, you don't have to choose!

Now guys, I have a problem. My problem is dairy. I just... I love it so much. But I'm lactose intolerant. This dessert is so rich and filled with dairy, so make sure you take it easy. It looks delicious enough to eat a lot of, and you could, but if you're like me with your rebellious lactose intolerance, just don't. The pictured arrangement was plenty for two people. There are some substitutes and alternatives to this recipe, but as long as the flavors are there, and you have the right texture, this should be easy peasy!

 1 box of brownie mix or batch of your favorite brownie recipe
 8 oz cream cheese (softened)
 ½ cup heavy whipping cream
 ½ cup granulated sugar
 ¼ cup plain greek yogurt
 2 tsp lemon juice
 ¼ cup powdered sugar
  cup chopped pecans
  cup mini chocolate chips
 caramel sauce
 chocolate sauce

Make your brownies according to the box or recipe directions. Cut into small cubes, about 1 inch x 1 inch. Set aside.


While your brownies are baking, make the cheesecake filling. Start with your whipping cream and powdered sugar. I used the amount of sugar I like, but you can technically whip the cream without any sugar at all, so use whatever amount you prefer. You want to beat these together at medium-high speed until the cream gets stiff. Think Cool Whip. Put it in the fridge to set.


Make the cream cheese component. Blend your cream cheese until creamy, just for better mixing. Then, mix your cream cheese, granulated sugar, yogurt, and lemon juice. You can add a teaspoon or two of vanilla extract, but I like the flavor without it, so I did not add anything here.


Once your cream cheese mixture gets to this point, you are done mixing. At this point you can let it rest for a few minutes to let your whipped cream finish setting, or if it is ready, you can just start folding the whipped topping into the cream cheese mixture.


You should have the consistency of buttercream at this point, but as long as everything is well blended, honestly, you'll be okay for a trifle. This is basically a no bake cheesecake filling at this point, so you don't have to worry about it setting up in the oven.


Now we get to assemble the trifle! Start with a layer of brownie cubes.


Add your cheesecake filling on top of the brownie, then the nuts, chocolate chips, then the caramel and chocolate sauce drizzled on top.


If you're feeling brave, add another layer of the same. Now you can dig in! You can also assemble this in a large dish to share with a group.